Friday, April 22, 2011

New Techniques using Smooch

I recently took a class to create/make a pendant and bracelet with clear acrylic pieces. I've made a bracelet before with clear acrylic pieces and so I thought it would be interesting to get another persons take on the subject. Here is the little girl that will eventually be made into a pendant. The process: Peal the paper off one side, preferably the rougher side. We used Dye Ink and stamped an image onto the acrylic piece. The only problem I found here was that the Ink tended to run a bit. Once you've stamped your image, you can color them in with Smooch. As you can see with my little girl pendant and the bracelet - I should have put more coats of for these is to stamp the acrylic piece on the rough side, because you can barely see a hint of the color I applied. Once that is done you cure it with a heat gun to set the ink and wet smooch.

You can see more color in the bracelet pieces. The stamp I used was the smalled set of head stamps. Mostly ladies from a the past with hats, etc. Because of the running of the Dye Ink, some are hard to make out and one looks like a man and I said to everyone "He's my Mr. Darcy."

Although the colors are very faint, the pieces turned out very elegant and vintage.

Below are a couple photos of the instructures sample pieces. See the color, I must have miss something.

I'm not sure this is my thing, but I enjoy learning new techniques and trying new products like Smooch. I've had some for a while, but never really used it before now.

Alright friends, it is time for this sleepy girl to catch some zzzzz's.

Happy Weekend ALL!!!

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  1. I love it! Thanks for my Easter treats -- they are wonderful!