Sunday, August 22, 2010

Discovery Mode

I've been busy putting together the adorable Home School Card kits I get each month from Be Creative/Deena Ziegler. They are some of the cutest card designs I've ever seen.
Getting to be creative really helps me mentally. It really gives me a sense of peace and clears the cobwebs.
I've also added a bunch of cards and a few other items to my Etsy store this weekend. Check it out at The June Leyen.
Life has been a bit busy these days. It is the usual time of year for busy-ness at work. Every where I turn these days I notice I am in Discovery Mode. I'm learning new things about myself, my work, my craft interests, my life. I think Discovery Mode is a good place as long as I don't allow it to overwhelm me.
As of tomorrow morning, most schools are back in session. It has been a good many years since I've really thought about such an event. This year is different, Stuart is entering his Senior year, my dear friend Mechiel is embarking on a new adventure going from Preschoolers to High School age students. I also have to drive by a busy busy school in order to leave our neighborhood. So, I am realizing that all around me school is present. School is a place to discover ourselves as we grow and become adults. I am praying for Stuart to embrace this Discovery period of his life. I'm praying for Mechiel to discover new and exciting things about her gifts and talents. And, I'm praying for the morning drive not to be too brutal getting out of the neighborhood (i probably just need to leave early...).
I've just discovered what time it is and I must say it is past my sleepy time. Good night all! Sweet dreams.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Christmas Creations...

I know you must think I am crazy. We are just about to get the kiddo's back in school and I'm talking about Christmas. Well, what is a girl to say? I've been dreaming a lot lately about things I'd like to create for my Etsy store. There just doesn't seem to be enough time or energy to do it all. I found a few hours on Sunday to play with my crafty toys. Below are some of my latest creations. I made some adorable Paper Bows using some instructions I got from Leah Fung a few years ago.
I also played with some new dies and punches I got. This is my first time to really play around with these embossing dies. They are a lot of fun and there are so many possibilities. This one has an embossed message "Warm Wishes" on it. The one below has embossed snowflakes on the background paper. And, I'm in love with the new ornament punch!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Life Update and Some of My New Creations

Work and Home have been keeping me a bit busier than usual lately.
My Daddy had a bit of an accident (fell and banged himself up pretty good), which led to a few crazy days, but he is doing really well now and healing good. I thank God for my sister and her husband who have been very helpful to Dad and Mattie. It all happened while both my Sister's were in town so it was nice that we were all together at this time. And, Mattie has been a real trooper. But Mattie then also had a few rough days, so I think they are both getting on the mend now. They are back to water aerobics and that is a good thing!
I may have mentioned that I bought myself a Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board thingy. Well my sweet David hooked it up for me and I'm know getting acquainted with it. I love the Hoola Hoop and mostly I've been doing the Free Step while watching TV. The important thing is that I'm actually using it and now have a goal of doing it 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
If you have one let me know what's your favorite activity.
I'm a member of Club SEI and receive a wonderful packet in the mail each month of their latest and greatest supplies. I've been working on a few things from one of the monthly packages and here are few of my new creations...
Be Happy Card
Happy Birthday Card
Happiness Always Card
I also made this mini album pictured below. It could be used for a Wedding Album, Engagement Gift, or just a cute little Valentine or Birthday gift for the one you love.
I'll be listing this on my Etsy site for sale along with many other cards that I made.
You'll have to take a peek. I really enjoyed working on these few things.
I hope you liked seeing my latest creations. Have a blessed day!