Monday, July 26, 2010

Sisters, Salon Infusion and Shemiah Day!

Here I am with my two sisters (Laura on Left and Dian on Right) and my neice Shemiah, Dian's daughter. This was Shemiah Day. We met up a Salon Infusion for some pampering. Most of us had our nails done and one had a massage. This is my favorite salon in town.

We had a very relaxing time.

After being pampered we headed over to Ye Kendall Inn for some lunch.
I think it is the first time in a very long time that Laura, Dian and I had lunch together and just visited. It was nice and I think Shemiah had fun too, except for maybe the talking over lunch part - I think she thought that was boring...but I'm just guessing!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Buyer

I don't have any fancy picture or project I worked on to share. But I just had to scream out to all of you that I HAD MY FIRST BUYER ON ETSY today. Yippi Skippi, Hip Hip Hooray, Alleluia!

Smiling Big - should sleep good tonight!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Hop, Skip and a Jump to Houston

Recently we went to Houston for a visit and to CELEBRATE! There were so many things to celebrate on our trip. First of all was the arrival of this precious little tiny baby girl.

The next thing to celebrate was getting to see my Dee Dee and celebrate our birthday's together. Yeah! You should have seen the number of candles lite up on that cake.

The official reason to gather and to CELEBRATE was to wish this awesome little due a HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROWAN!!! Look at him doesn't he look like he is turning into the HULK? He loved his cake and did a good job getting it everywhere.

I also consider it a great CELEBRATION when I get to see my Houston family that I miss so much! Here is Kimmie Kim she put all this fun together and did an amazing job!
She even made these awesome and super delicious cakes.

And, I also got to see some other beautiful people like Nellie and Jane. It was such a wonderful time and I'm so glad we made the trip. There is nothing better than special times like these.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Memory Fence...

Do you ever have a project that just lingers and lingers and you want to finish it but you wonder when it will ever happen, well I completed one of those projects recently. It was a project started at the first Inspired Artist Workshop I attended in 2008. It was taught by the lovely and talented Jennifer Stewart. Here it is…

This is my immediate family…Laura, Tom, Shirley & Leon (Mom & Dad), All of Us, Dian and June (me)... It is hard to see the twinkly lights, but they are really pretty around it.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gifts and the Gifted

Recently Nellie, a very special person who I love like my little sister went on a mission trip to Uganda. She was away for a little over a week. On their trip they spent time with many children in different areas of that region. Some things included reading them stories, singing, dancing and making crafts. They also played games and sports with them and helped in some of the classrooms for grades US equivalent to 6th and 7th. This children enjoyed having their pictures taken with digital cameras where they could then see them immediately. They worshiped with them and shared Jesus with them. In my recent trip to visit Nellie, I was hoping to hear all about the trip and her experience. All I am for sure of is that she really enjoyed it and that she said she misses it sometimes. That is saying a lot to me. She also surprised David and myself with these lovely souvenirs. Both are wooden and the cross is hand carved and difficult to capture its beauty in the photograph. It amazes me the talent of the people in all the different areas of the world and I wanted to share this incredible creations with you. As Kimmie Kim says all the time God is Good and God is Good All The Time!

Here is another beautiful gift that was hand made by my Dee Dee. This is my very own lovey, you know the kind that are typically given to newborns. They are made of the softest materials and you just want to touch it all the time because it makes you feel so good. Well for several years now I've been asking for my own lovey and finally I was gifted one for my birthday. Isn't it beautiful? I think so and I love it and will cherish it always especially because my Dee Dee made it just for me. It is so special. Dee Dee makes these lovely lovey's and many other beautiful items. Check out her beautiful creations at Dee Dee's DoDads.

The world is full of amazing gifted and talented people and I am fortunate to know many personally. I'll keep sharing...I promise.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Start, A New Year, A New Blog!!!

I recently celebrated my 43rd birthday. It is really hard for me to believe I am 43 years old. How on earth did I get here? With God's help that is for sure. I've been thinking since I got married that I should change my blog. Also, one of my goals for 2010 was to open my own Etsy shop and I'm getting close, so it seemed appropriate as I start another year of life to start the new blog. Life is a journey. Here is where I share some of my journey and also share some of my creativity and my friends creativity. For my birthday I was featured on Isabel's blog. Check it out. The picture above are all the little precious creations that Isabel sent me for my birthday. She is always surprising me with treats. I'm very lucky to have her as my friend.
My new blog name was thought of my my wonderful husband...and it is a spin off our last name. The Leyen is pronounced the same as "line". He is creative too you see, just in a different way. The blog is still a little under construction, but I wanted to so badly to get it off the ground and soon.
I hope you like my new home. Comments are welcome here. Peace and Joy always...