Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Monday...

Today was a really nice day. I had the great fortune to visit with two very dear and loved friends on the phone. I can't describe very well how those conversations truly fed my soul. Since my move to San Antonio in 2007, I have not developed any friendships like I had back in Houston. I did find my life long friend, partner, love of my life, prince charming and husband. There are times though that I dearly miss some very special friends. The Lord has moved our lives forward in different directions, yet when we hear eachothers voice on the other end of the phone it is as if we just had lunch the other day.

I am so thankful for relationships that can stand the tests of time and distance. What an incredible gift!

Thank you Isabel and Marie!

Monday Monday...have you ever really payed attention to the lyrics of the song by the Moma's & The Papa's? The tune is a nice folk tune, but when I read the words they seem to go from a place of hope and opportunities to a place of that is empty and sad. Makes me wonder if this has anything to do with why people often blame Monday's for what ever happens wrong to them?

Thanks to two lovely friends my Monday was good and I hope yours was too!

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